Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Kare-Kare Komiks : “Act of Choice” is now up!

Check out Andrew Drilon's Kare-Kare Komiks : “Act of Choice”, it is up now for the month of January 2008.

to read and see a new character and her choice of fate. For a pinoy you'll relate on the character's name in the comics. Is that some kind of soy sauce? hahahaa

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

New Dollar-Pesos rate for comic books

I received a breaking news from the Alamat Ml , and according to the newsletter of Comic Quest that the equivalent of US dollar is P50 pesos. Read below the email from Charles Tan.


---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: "charlesatan" <>
Date: Tue, 29 Jan 2008 04:24:20 -0000
Subject: [comicquest] Comics Arriving on January 30, 2008
Breaking News!

Starting immediately, the Peso/Dollar rate for comics, trade paperbacks
and hard covers of Marvel, DC and other publishers will be 50 pesos to a

For Graphic Novels, Anime, Magazines and other items please inquire.


that's for Comic Quest only, but will ask too if it applies to other comic book shops

Monday, January 28, 2008

"By Moon Alone" webcomics is now update

the webcomics  "By moon alone" is now up and active, you can read free 11 pages of webcomics created by HAI.


Thursday, January 24, 2008

The Alfredo Alcala Legacy Exhibit at the JFK Library 2008


Artworks of the Master Illustrator Alfredo P. Alcala and Christian Voltar Alcala

at the
John F. Kennedy Library
505 Santa Clara Street
Vallejo, CA 94589

January-February 2008



Also on display is THE EXCALIBUR SWORD.


THANKSGIVING DAY-A Native American Painting by Alfredo P. Alcala


other artworks on display:

Pulotgata (Filipino comics)

Vic Vigilante, circa 1966 (Filipino comics)

To contact the Artist/Exhibitor
Christian Voltar Alcala
(415) 902-8218

C2: Cartooning and Comics Workshop

Ariel Atienza posted a workshop info in his blog and at our Artists Den ML,  that he will spearhead it on February 2,9, 16 and 23. You may click the image to enlarge it and to read more details and also contact info of the workshop.

Beerkada campus tour in U.P. Diliman

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Read more here

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Kubori Kikiam interviews Syeri Baet

visit the Kubori Kikiam website or the This Youtube link for the video interview.

Syeri Baet creator of Carpool comic strip series is on the hot seat of the month at the Kubori Kikiam site.

Kinamay na Obra mula sa Malikhaing Imahinasyon sa Kultura at Sining

I didn't know that the word " KOMIKS" is an acronym of "Kinamay na Obra mula sa Malikhaing Imahinasyon sa Kultura at Sining"

I just found it out after reading an article in the net. Im posting a copy of it here, but I like to invite all to read the original source posted below

Source : The Makati Collegian

COMICS: On the evolution of time

By Merlou Cape Reniva

Liwayway, Darna, Hiwaga and Aliwan - Are you familiar with these? Most probably not because these are some of the popular comics magazines decades ago. If classical comics will be placed side by side with today's popular comics and anime magazines, we might not be interested with such comics anymore.

Currently, Filipinos continue to support television fantasy series such as Darna and Captain Barbel and superhero movies like Lastikman and Zuma. These stories are crafted by a popular comic creator named Mars Ravelo.

What is Comics?

Comics is a reading material for entertainment and recreation. It is a favorite collection because readers are following the series of stories. It is a media for expressing sensitive and critical issues but the presentation is witty.

Kinamay na Obra mula sa Malikhaing Imahinasyon sa Kultura at Sining or KOMIKS. The masterpiece of a writer and an illustrator which is collectively coined as comic creators. It is a form of media reflecting the lives of the people. It describes things that exist in our society in which it depicts issues on politics, economics, social life as well as our culture and religion.
Comics History

For those who do not know, Dr. Jose Rizal was the first Filipino who created drawing and put letters on it. He created a fable entitled �The Monkey and the Tortoise� in 1886 and essentially made the very first Filipino comics in the year 1889.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Heath Ledger R.I.P.

It was a great morning wake up call for me while I watch TV and read some articles in my laptop that I saved last night, then my friend Earl texted me with a lot of disappointed saying that Heath Ledger is dead and Joker is Dead!.

I almost fell into my seat when I read that and then I immediately checked on the news in CNN if there is an update or a flash news about it, but didn't see any news about Heath. Then I quickly went down carrying my laptop and then opened my internet and there it goes. Everyone in Multiply is already talking about his death and a lot of links reporting it also.

Here''s what I think first when I heard the news. Did he finished the Dark Knight film?

But after reading some articles, the film is finished and it will be his last movie as one of the scariest villain of all comic icons - the Joker.

 Read  More

Monday, January 21, 2008

Inquirer: Filipino comic book artists help shape mythologies

I'm sharing an article here about our local comic artists. you may click the source link below to read the article at 's Republic of Comics.

Source: Read more here


By Oliver Pulumbarit
Philippine Daily Inquirer

Last updated 17:05:00 01/21/2008

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MANILA, Philippines—Behind some of the popular comics currently being released internationally are Filipino artists, delighting geeks of all ages with their distinct takes on different heroes—from those in form-fitting battlesuits to those in Jedi robes—and their traditionally frenetic fisticuffs.

Pinoy pencilers and inkers started getting attention for their work abroad decades back. Some comics pros, like Whilce Portacio, Leinil Francis Yu and Jay Anacleto, became sought-after talents in the ’90s. They continue to draw for major American publishers such as Marvel and DC Comics.

Not long after, other Philippines-based pencilers—Glass House Graphics’ Wilson Tortosa, Carlo Pagulayan, and Harvey Tolibao, among others—debuted and began making waves with a number of noteworthy monthlies as well. Once again,fellow Pinoys’ artistry and storytelling skills enhance some previously established fantasy realms.

Friday, January 18, 2008

Church Turns To Comics To Teach Catholic Social Concerns

Source :

ILOILO CITY, Philippines (UCAN) -- A laughing demon standing above planet earth, engulfed in flames, caught Cathy Caniogan's attention as she flipped through the pages of a comic book during a lull at work.

The 25-year-old cashier at a restaurant in Iloilo City "got interested" in reading Barangay RP (Republic of the Philippines village) comics, published by local artist Ding Logibis, after previously seeing a customer read one.

Logibis' popular comics tackle social, political, health and other issues.

Speaking to UCA News on Jan. 11 in Iloilo City, 450 kilometers southeast of Manila, Caniogan said she came across words such as "global warming" and "greenhouse emissions" in the comics.

Remebering Funny Komiks ( some comic scans)

After surfing in the pages of PEX, got some cool scanlations of Funny Komiks. Read below for the scan comics of Nik Nok and SuperKat

1997: The Dynamic Duo - Yu and Tadeo

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Head over to Edgar Tadeo's blog and you'll see a scanned copy of The Cutting Edge Magazine back in 1997. There's an interview with Leinil Yu and Edgar Tadeo. It's one of the earliest photo of them during that time. And during my time back then, I didn't know that they are Filipino. Been collecting the whole Onslaught saga up to the Operation Zero Tolerance, there its my earliest exposure to see their works. Wolverine comics is one of the series they both worked on, and when me and my comic buddies meet, we got a big debate on if they are Pinoys or not.  Then in my friend's comic shop he showed me a Wolverine sketch by Tadeo, then I hang it in our store and place lots of comic artworks there. Thats in Recto, our little comic shop. Then when the Avalon studio comic book signing was in Robinsons Galeria, thats the time when I met them personally and let my comicbooks signed by them hehhehe. Didn't caught what Edgar Tadeo looks like, but i remember Leinil Yu having a long hair look. damn! I lined up two times when I heard that female hip hop rapper "Chill" was there in the signing.  Got home with my Wolverine comics signed by Yu and Tadeo,  Stone comics signed by Whilce and Gerry, Spawn comics signed by Brian Haberlin ehand a personalize sketch art and message by "Chill" that every event attendees got jealous over me. hehheehe.. thats one adventure of me as comic fan.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Phoenix Comic Con : Mark Texeira Blazes into Phoenix

Renowned Ghost Rider and MoonKnight Artist Makes First Appearance!

Phoenix--Phoenix is Hot, sure... but it just got even hotter! It's just been announced that fan fave Ghost Rider and MoonKnight artist Mark Texeira will be making his first appearance in the area at the Phoenix Comic Con!

Born and bred in New York City, amongst the concrete jungle and the confines of steel, Mark Texeira was always an artist that found himself indoors more often than not, as a child, escaping via his imagination and drawing pictures as entertainment, taking him to locals far beyond the skyscrapers around him.

Phoenix Comic Con : Phoenix is on Fire with FREE promo Michael Golden Poster!

thanks to EVAINK for the Press Release.


Red Hot Iron Man piece to be given away to attendees!

Phoenix--The Phoenix Comic-Con is HOT, and we're not talking about the weather! As if the tremendous guest lineup and program schedule wasn't proof enough, Phoenix organizers are out to outdo themselves, by breaking out the gifts to show some fan appreciation--including a collectible Iron Man poster by comics creator Michael Golden!

With recent covers on
Iron Man, Exiles, Heroes for Hire, Wonder Woman and soon, Wolverine and G.I. Joe, Golden is making a select number of convention appearance in 2008, and Phoenix had to be on that list.


got this fresh news, thanks to Budj for the forward at the Alamat Mailing List.

by CBR News Team, Editor
Posted: January 16, 2008 — More From This Author

Artist Francis Manapul first came to prominence with a
celebrated run on Top Cow’s “Witchblade” before
branching out with “Necromancer” (with Joshua Ortega)
and the popular “Iron and the Maiden” at Aspen MLT.
The Comic Book Idol judge has also created memorable
covers for numerous titles including “Tomb Raider,”
“G.I. Joe” and “Battle of the Planets.” Most recently,
Manapul signed an exclusive contract with DC Comics,
for which he’s united with legendary writer Jim
Shooter on “The Legion of Super-Heroes.”

4 pages of Timawa this Feb 2008 issue

Good news! We were informed via Gerry Alanguilan's blog that the Timawa comic series in Buzz Magazine will be in 4 pages starting on February 2008 issue and I think the magazine might be available this coming weeks. I'm so excited to read more of Timawa. Also Gerry noted that he don't plan to compile it and republish the whole Timawa series, so we should accept it and don't expect much for a graphic novel compilation. So sad to hear that, but its okay, we can still compile the whole series by collecting all issue of Buzz Magazine. Also on his blog you can check out a one page preview art of the next issue. you can preview the page and also the source of the news here.

and if you read it all you can get a news about the El Nido comics and Humanis Rex compilation.

thanks Direk Gerry for the great news! hahaahahah (kidding)

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Entries invited for the 2nd International MANGA Award

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image source

Entries for the Second International MANGA Award are invited until February29, 2008.

The Award was established in May 2007 to honor MANGA artists who have contributed to the promotion of MANGA overseas. In the First International MANGA Award competition was held last year, two Filipino artists, Elmer Damaso and Jhomar Soriano, creators of Ravenskull and Mr. Grieves respectively, ranked among the top 19 brilliant MANGA artists, having been selected among the 146 nominees from 26 countries and regions all over the world.

The Executive Committee members of the Second International MANGA Award include the Japanese Minister for Foreign Affaris and the President of the Japan Foundation among others.


Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Philippine Web Comics Convention meeting coming up

I will be posting a meeting soon for this comic project event for 2008 and I have 2 people already who volunteered to be one helping me to materialize this event. And if you like to volunteer and want to join the organizing team, just message me and we will add you to my messaging list for announcement on the 1st meeting. Been busy for work and researching for new gimiks for my coming events like - ToyCon and other convention in Manila.

this web comics convention will simply break all the rules of a traditional convention that you know.
but the main goal here is to have fun and promote  the Pinoy's finest in web comics and art.

So if you are a web comics publisher, creator or artist, just post a comment in this blog post. Put your name or simply add your web comics website links. It doesn't matter if it is in deviantart, myspace, multiply, comicspace, yahoo groups,youtube etc.. just post here if you know and believe that your content is categorized as web comics. Medium used in creating the web comics is not required. But we have to require that it is something we can read, see, and know it is a comics.

ok folks! good luck and hope we have a wonderful week today.

Mabuhay and Pilipinas! weeeeee!

Video feature interview - Silent Sanctum indie comics

here's an interview with Dark Chapel, front man for the Silent Sanctum indie comics. this interview take place during the lunch break of the Pasko ng komiks last December 2007. Funny thing is that this is a impromptu interview and i just called the comic Silent Sanctuary hahaha in the beginning of the video.

for more info about the comics visit

Caparas Komiks will be in full color

from the blog pages of Randy Valiente, he just shared this scan advertisement stating that on Issue 7, the Caparas Komiks will be in full color.

I don't mind getting a comic book for only P15. but i just hope that they improved the comics printing first rather than moving into in full color. Hmm. so what's next? in glossy paper? Well I hope it will be in glossy paper. My money will test down the water first for supreme quality as what Caparas want his comics. I just wish that they release the comics in a regular basis, and I don't want to be surprised that the comics will be available on the next 2 months or so.  ok.... just surprise me! I thought at first that this will be a weekly comics. hmmm.. hope they get organized on this.

Monday, January 14, 2008

Ang Ilustrador ng Kabataan (Ang INK) is accepting new members for 2008

Ang Ilustrador ng Kabataan (Ang INK) is accepting new members for 2008.


1. Accomplished Membership Application Form.

2. Three (3) illustrations that are of the same size and medium based on the 2008 PBBY-Salanga Prize-winning story, "Naku, Nakuu,Nakuuu!" by Ernanie Rafael, available for download at:

Recommended size and format: At least 8 1/2 x 11, landscape format

3. Copies of applicant's sample works. At least 5 works geared towards illustration for children,
in cd format or printout.

CALLING ALL ARTISTS!! Mars Ravelo Marvelous Characters, Inc. seeking new talents !

Raffy just emailed this great announcement.

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Sunday, January 13, 2008

Jounalism students feature Philippine Komiks

Found this in the almighty

TV Journalism Class Feature on Philippine Comicbook/Komiks Industry by UP journalism students Jerald Uy,Reynaldo Santos and Ivan Dapul.

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Komiks Juice

I was blog hoping in our local comic creators and my last drop is at Gilbert Monsanto's blog, and then I was shocked to see this new comic magazine he's planning. He posted this mock up cover design in his blog. you can read the original post here in his blog.

 I was planning to post here and get a survey to everyone on what's their monthly local komiks titles are, maybe this Komiks Juice will answer it.

Happy Birthday to Jomike Tejido

hahhahaa!  Happy birthday to the Mikrokosmos master - Jomike Tejido

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Editorial CARTOONS Indie Mag

Got this info from Ding Logibis at the Artists den ML. and read more below on where you can get the indie magazine

Mr.bitin - Timawa comics

Check out this BLOG of KC Kordero, he just released a panel of Timawa that Gerry showed to us on the next issue, and now complete with text and title page. I wish that Timawa will be a more than 4 pages in the Buzz magazine heheehe

"“Ang ganda ng komiks, sir!” bulalas ng guard. “Kaya lang ay bitin!”
Komiks? Bitin?"

Friday, January 11, 2008

Sao-chan featured in Itsura Manga

"Hi! Im Sao born October of 1983, lived in Pateros, Manila. During my elementary and high school days, I tried public and private schools, and I'm currently an undergrad. lol [but I'm on it right now -- finishing it]. My first college was in the province, Cagayan valley to be exact. I tried BSIT [yea-yea information technology] because there were no FA courses that time, but I was also no good for computers, then I transferred into an interior design course studied for 3 to 4 years, then gave up, went back to Pateros. I miss my home! D:>

I probably didn't take much to living in the province that's why I decided to go back were I was, I loved drawing since I was 7? And at first, my mom was against me drawing manga/anime. So that's that. Well, I guess, that was the start? ahahaha. ^^;;;;" - Sao Chan

Read more of the interview at Itsura Manga

Pahabol na greetings

thanks to the Karen and the marketing people of Wizard Entertainment for the greeting card :) hehheh

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

A comic strip for those who wait for the UPCAT result

just found this funny comic blog of Kenikenken, you may click the  image below to visit his blog site and read this comic strip about a student who is going to take an UPCAT exam in UP Diliman. and oh btw, happy 100th anniversary to U.P. Diliman!

or to check out more of the strips visit Nang Lumubo ang Sipon at

Redondo Komiks this February 2008 ???

old comics cover, mage from:

Although that I don't have a official press release for this komiks, I was just informed by a friend via in my blog that he got a job project in making the Redondo Komiks and it will be released this February 2008. I'm not really sure what kind of comics is this, but I know someone from the Redondo family are putting up together this comics. And this project was planned since last year and I was informed it too verbally and found a working website for marketing their comics and titles for possible sponsors.

If ever someone in the project is reading this, you may contact me and feed us more info about Redondo Komiks.
I know many will be excited, if will they reprint the old classic comics or a new and fresh art of comics carrying the comic title "Redondo".

Komiks News Now will start to investigate and share the  info to all about this comics.

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

New webcomics of Homanga

also known as the comic artist Honoel Ibardolaza released a teaser art for his new web comics.
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Teaser art for my new webcomic launching on January 21, 2008! That's in two weeks! yay!

If you want to be notified, subscribe to the rss link or add me to your friends list


This is a teaser of "PUTO". signing and launching by Huck Gee will be at CUISINE on Borgy Manotoc's HAPPY MONDAYS Febuary 4!!!! it will be in bronze colorway!!!!! limited to only 100 pcs. worldwide. it will be available for purchase right there on the show.
this is history folks!!!!! mabuhay si PUTO!!!!!!!price will be approximately 3,500 php.
size is approx. 7-8 inches.

// one of the fresh  designer toy and that is Philippine made, one of the first ever made and distributed-exclusively here in our country. check out more of it at

Kadiliman preview pages

got this from Budjette's twitter blog post.  This comics is now available in your local comic shops.


Written by David Hontiveros
Art by Edgar Tadeo
(click thumbnails to see larger version)

view more preview pages here 

During the final days of World War II, the Nazis activated a doomsday device somewhere in the Pacific. The Justice Corps, the Philippines super-hero team, was the only one who could respond in time to stop the device. The survivors of that fateful day were Bituwin, The Ermitanyo, and the super-villain Dr. Kadiliman.

Decades later, we find Dr. Kadiliman, trying to live a peaceful life with his granddaughter Kadi. Once a year, on the anniversary of that day of sacrifice and heroism, Dr. Kadiliman disappears. Where does he go? Who does he meet with? Discover the answers in KADILIMAN: IN THEIR SILENT SHADOW CARNIVAL.

New Beerkada Website for 2008

originally posted by Lie at beerkadets

great to see Beerkada online again, and now in a blog format! oh yeah!!! hope Lyndon can video blog and post some unpublished funny strip.

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Hello to all Beerkadets!!!Special annoucement, the Official Beerkada Website is undergoing a makeover. That is right, if you haven't visited it for the longest time, go there right now!!!

What are the changes we have implemented (are currently implementing)? You can now get your daily dose of Beerkada comics strips live from the website. So in case you weren't able to check out the copy of the Philippine Star or read the small strip posted on their website, you can go online and read the latest strip at There's just a slight difference, all strips posted online will now be in English. And in case you missed any previous strips, you can check the archives and read it at your leisure.

We're gradually putting up all the Beerkada comics strips since it started from 1998. It's going to take some time, so I hope you will all be patient and keep on coming back to the website for updates and more strips.

Comments, suggestions, reactions are surely welcome.

And tell all your friends about this good news too. *wink* *wink*

Saturday, January 5, 2008

KADILIMAN & TRESE now available

got this from Budjette Tan at the Alamat ML

KADILIMAN and TRESE 1-7 are now available at:

3rd Floor Extension Mall
Robinson's Galleria, Ortigas
(near Red Ribbon)

3rd Floor, Gateway Mall
Paseo de Magallanes
South Super Highway

Shop 60 at the Cubao Expo on Gen. Romulo Ave., Cubao,
Q.C. They are open Tue-Sun, 3:30PM to 8PM. Visit them
online at

(NOTE: the books will be available in Comic Quest,
Megamall after its renovation)

TIMAWA #5 Preview

"This is a panel from part 5 of Timawa, which appears in the February issue of The Buzz Magasin, available on the stands later this month. " from Gerry's multiply

Gerry Alanguilan's Humanis Rex graphic novel cover preview

"HUMANIS REX! The full color sci-fi series I've been doing for Fudge Magazine since 2005 will be compiled and released soon. This is the cover to the compilation." - Gerry Alanguilan

Gerry  shares a cover preview of his upcoming graphic novel compilation of Humanis Rex. The comic that first appeared and serialized in Fudge magazine will be compiled into one comic book format and will be released this coming months.

Jobs! oh la la !

as in trabaho

 IAS Manila, Inc. is once again searching for pencilers!
Send me an e-mail at jonas (at) storyboardsonline (dot) com with five of your best pencil samples (jpg format, low resolution) and/or links to your online portfolio. Shortlisted candidates will receive notification via e-mail (so keep an eye on your inbox) and will be invited to take a penciling test at the studio.

read here for more

In need of a comic artist to do a storyboard for an indie film
my friend, who is a award winning film maker is looking for a comic artist who can do storyboard for their upcoming indie film. you can send your samples to me or portfolio link.  my email at azrael at gmail dot com

Logo maker for an existing product line
my other friend is looking for a logo design for their existing product. they will be paying a P20k for the commissioned designs. just send it your samples to me via email. we will be closing this logo design search next week.

Wednesday, January 2, 2008


Dark Knight movie teaser poster

Warner Bros. Pictures and IMAX Corporation jointly announce that Warner Bros.' highly anticipated sci-fi thriller "I Am Legend" starring Will Smith will be shown at the IMAX Theater at the SM Mall of Asia starting Jan. 8, 2008, simultaneous with the film's opening on the same date in conventional cinemas across the Philippines.

"I Am Legend," which recently opened in the U.S. to a record-breaking $77.4-million, will be digitally re-mastered into the unparalleled image and sound quality of The IMAX Experience.
Preceding each IMAX screening of "Legend" will be the six-minute prologue of the new Batman film, "The Dark Knight" starring Christian Bale. The featurette shows "Dark Knight" director Christopher Nolan and director of photography Wally Pfister talking about shooting scenes in IMAX for the anticipated "Batman Begins" follow-up opening on July 16, 2008.

Will Smith in "I Am Legend"

In the U.S., "I Am Legend" opened strongly, with most shows sold out at IMAX® theatres during its debut weekend, contributing $3.2 million of the record-breaking $77.4 million that the film grossed at the domestic box office, from December 14 through Sunday, December 16. The picture opened on 77 domestic IMAX screens, posting a per screen average of $41,936. "I Am Legend" also opened on 6 international IMAX screens, bringing the worldwide IMAX estimated total to $3.4 million.

Read more here 

Philippine Komiks Industry to be Revived by the Senate

Is this what we are waiting for?
for such a long time?
well, at last! let's see what will happened next after the Komiks Congress


Translation: In lieu of the great contributions of the past Komiks industry to literacy and general knowledge, the Senate is proposing a bill to help revive the Philippine Komiks Industry.

In Senate Bill 1934 proposed by Senate President Manny Villar, it is explained that Komiks has had a major influence on local movies, radio plays, books, and TV shows as well.

The bill aims to provide “fiscal incentives” within 5 years for prospective Komiks Producers.

(Via The Philippine Star.) -  Translated into english by

 Read more here at the blog of

Caparas Komiks Issue 6 - preview covers

Just bought the latest issue 6 of the Carlo J. Caparas Komiks. The seller just informed me that this komiks was released at the end of the month of December. Still on the same format, but its great to see some other titles featured on the cover.

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Kadiliman reprints for 2008

Just read and was updated by Budjette Tan via his twitter blog post and I was informed there that he just reprinted copies of Trese issue 7 and Kadiliman comics. Read his update last December 28, 2007 and he said that he will deliver the indie comics on that weekend.  I'm planning to grab Kadiliman comics, since this was the first indie comics that got sold out during the Komikon last October and I must grab this comics before it ran out again. Yo Budj! if you read this, inform us here via comment post for the availability of the comics. Thanks!

Also funny post in his twitter that Budjette smelled a burned candle when he was writing the next Trese issue 8. haahaha.
its scary! but a great story will emerge  for Trese  after that  eerie incident. Maybe someone lit a candle for his  birthday.
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